• do not waste your love on people who will not love you like you want to be loved and especially on cats who are not willing to marry you, your a woman and do u not think that should be a primary focus that is why you must know what love is and recognize it close your eyes and think of love open them and look around who do u c, not read this your lips are like sweet kisses of love, your skin is like the vanilla in pearls, your eyes are like diamonds, love me and let me love you open up you feelings on love for us and express your deep passions for love,,,, are you being told this if not your missing out on love and think its really hard for a guy to reach down and express this to a woman and especially a woman who wants love mack 1 912 674 3384 or cuz26a@gmail.com


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    Juste un mot --- waaaahhh

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  • tu préviens quand on doit y croire ?